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We can say that what prompted us to cultivate this enterprise was in a sense the alchemical dream of turning raw metal into gold: to use the unexpected experience that upset our lives to start creating something new with it that we have learned in this period.

The lockdown was undoubtedly traumatic for almost everyone, it is useless to remark it, but it has – like all tragedies in the world – provided us with the opportunity to stop for some time to look around and … reflect.

We all appreciated Nature more when we were forced to communicate and work every day exclusively from a PC and in the evening our eyes turned red. How many have found any excuse to take a walk and breathe during that time! And I would bet that many who live in more or less rural areas have seen for the first time animals that had always been there and had never even seen them by mistake. I would bet in the same way that many have started tending a vegetable garden to keep you busy both in mind and body and stay in the sun for a while while the seeds became seedlings and then the leaves and flowers sprouted from the seedlings.

For some time the CO2 emissions have drastically reduced and we have all been able to notice a completely different sky, much clearer both day and night; we started hearing the silence again in the evening. In short, we have all returned to a slightly more natural biorhythm for that short time.

Thus was born .0: from the vision of a purer world in which everything fits perfectly to create completely stable and harmonious geometries in which everything is both necessary and pleasant and from the desire to, at least, keep the world in that state, with the hope of being able to improve it as much as possible.

We want the next generations not to be faced with clouds of black smoke every time they roll their eyes, as we don’t want it for ourselves. Let’s always remember the wonderful Indian proverb:“The land was never bequeathed to us by our fathers, but it was loaned to us by our children”.

My main interests range from literature, philosophy, psychology and love for our planet. My role in .0 is that of the content manager, so I mainly deal with the blog as well as everything related to creative writing
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