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Sustainability, for real.

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Made in Italy

From wood waste
to never end

Thanks to advanced technologies and research conducted by the best experts in the sector, we were able to create a shoe from a completely new material

We put water out of business

No water is used in the coloring of the material, nor for its processing


A timeless sneakers

designed to eternity

This is the collection that will revolutionize your wardrobe

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coconut sole

Made from coconut scraps

Processing of the slab from wood processing waste

Wood processing waste.

Upper made from wood processing scraps

Wood processing waste.

sole made from wood processing waste


There will be no more end for shoes

To tell you an Italian story

A young and dynamic team

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Why are shoes good for the environment?

These shoes are good for the environment because they are made by a production of waste material. They are made in an ethical manner and once their use is finished they can be recycled thus limiting pollution from shoes

What do you do with your shoes once they are recycled?

After using the .0s, you can return them to the team who will send them to a material recycling center, thus giving the product a new life.

Do you use water in the material manufacturing process?

No, the material is produced without the aid of water

When will I be able to order my sneakers?

We are still in the testing phase to give you the best possible product, However in the second half of 2021 the shoes will be available for purchase

Where are sneakers made?

The shoes are produced in Italy, particularly in the Emilia-Romagna area, by expert craftsmen who guarantee the best quality: that of "Made in Italy".

Do you only sell online?

Yes, the sale of our product takes place exclusively through the use of our e-commerce platform present within the site and on our social networks.

Who you are?

We are a team made up mainly of young guys who have embraced the environmental cause and people with previous experience in the footwear industry. The team shares the values and works to propose a concrete solution that contributes to safeguarding our Earth.


Recyclable shoes – Made in Italy