A recyclable, cruelty free and vegan shoe?

It’s not a dream

We will prove it to you

This is what you’ve always wanted, we know. From today it is reality: a shoe that does not damage those who produce it and especially the surrounding environment!

97% Recyclable

100% Vegan

100% Made in Italy

under .0Sneakers

The .0Sneakers

a common footprint

At .0 we want to act in a way such that our footprint benefits nature; as nature has always benefitted us.
Join us!

The attention to nature is also reflected in the design: the sole, in fact, represents the union between the human footprint and the inside of a tree.

Resources in the search for sustainability

All our energies are commited to research, with the continous developement of new matetials and technologies, with the aim of following the course of nature and fundamentally limiting waste as much as possible.

In fact, with the exclusive possibility of accessing the necessary resources, derived from wood processing waste, derived from specific forests controlled by PEFC-certified supply chains:


Also, our production does not involve the use of water, which means: NO WASTE!

.0 is against deforestation, in fact our product comes from PEFC certified forests

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Furthermore, from an ethical point of view, it is absolutely necessary to guarantee, we want to guarantee the continuation of the artisan tradition and the transmission of our strong bond with the values associated with ‘MADE IN ITALY’.

We want to combine the know-how of artisans, technology and the fresh and dynamic ideas of young people

How can we offer it to you?

With our innovative and exclusive technology:

We have a brand new fabric (constantly evolving thanks to research) that will surely meet all your expectations!

It is a recyclable sneaker, deriving from vegetable cellulose, which is versatile, comfortable and 100% respectful of nature!

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