Every day the world confronts us with challenges and solutions and, as always, it is up to us to identify both one and the other.

A big problem in our sector, the main one we could say, is the enormous pollution it produces: in fact, for example, only to obtain the materials (such as cotton, but also linen …) necessary for the various processes more water is used every year than the amount needed to meet the world needs necessary for human survival and in all of this there are still areas of the world where dehydration is one of the leading causes of death – not
to mention the aquifers polluted by the discharges of the big names in fashion. ..

This is our first challenge:

use the fiber of trees (already planted) to create our fabrics;

the second spontaneously follows:

minimize waste by reusing the product indefinitely and reinserting it in the continuous renewal cycle.

We want to create a new world in which human society and natural life are the perfect reflection of each other: how nature continually reuses dead matter making it alive (and not
(and does not know the concept of waste) so our productions want to be 100% inspired by his teaching, ensuring that we humans can finally re-enter the ecosystem without unbalancing it as well as we can.

The third challenge,

probably the most complex is to try to make the big fashion
multinationals follow our example and (even more difficult) to try to make them understand that it is not about
settling into a trend to make more money or get a better reputation: it is
simply a question of giving the earth the care it deserves and of not only not being the cause of its decay, but of causing its resurrection!

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My main interests range from literature, philosophy, psychology and love for our planet. My role in .0 is that of the content manager, so I mainly deal with the blog as well as everything related to creative writing

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